This project will focus on the film work of the late actor Strother Martin. There may be occasional posts of related materials as well.

Strother Martin has 174 credits listed on Most of those are Television credits because he was a regular performer in TV Westerns and dramas in the 50s, 60s and 70s. There are regular updates about those episodes on the Strother Martin Fan Page on Facebook. While we may occasionally veer into his work on TV, this project will attempt to inventory and provide insight and opinion on his work in theatrical films. By my count of his credits, he appeared in nearly 60 films from 1950 until his death in 1980. More than a dozen of those he was not credited. He did however make memorable screen appearances in some of the biggest films of the 1960s and 70s and was the credited star in two low budget horror films in the 70s.

Other bloggers have tackled the 1001 Movies before you die project, but that is far beyond my ambition and desire. The sixty odd films that Strother was in, seems a much more manageable goal for me, and I think it will provide an important reminder of one of the revered character actors of the 20th Century. I will begin this project by sharing posts from other sites that I have previously done on his work. I hope to return to some of those films and find new perspectives on them. As the next couple of years unfold, I will begin by seeking out films that he appeared in with substantial roles. If those uncredited films come up on my radar, I will post on them but those posts will probably be brief.

If any of you reading and following this project, see a film of his on your cable schedule, and there is not a post on that film yet, I would appreciate a heads up so that I can add that film to the project. I will be happy to host any other writers who are working on reviews or histories of films that Strother Martin had a role in.[Submit work via email at] In the long run, maybe this can be a clearinghouse for fan projects, documents and even scholarly works related to this talented actor. For now, I just hope to fulfill my dream of continuing the legacy of the man we called “Jay”.

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